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Your opinion counts! Want to tell your opinion and be rewarded for it?
By registering as a member of Marketagent, you can participate in polls, thus having a part time job online.
All you have to do is fill out online surveys in exchange for this work will be rewarded with points. You can also win points by recommending new members among friends. These points can be converted to cash (euros).
This is one of the hottest panels polls. For starters you'll receive a bonus of 150 points for registration, equivalent to 1.50 euros. Along the way you will receive questionnaires worth between 50 and 250 points.


To register, no need to email an invitation as in other panels, you just have to click on banner at the top of the page, and you will thus have access to an important source of earning money online.
After completing the form with your personal data, you will receive an email with a confirmation link in the email account used for registration. To activate this account, you must click on the link received.
The main way to make money consists of inviting friends to fill out questionnaires. For every friend you get 50 points - 0.50 euros everytime when he/she complets the first survey.


The minimum payment is 10 euros (1000 points) through Paypal, Skrill or your bank account.
In addition, Marketagent organizes monthly contests with nice prizes.

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